Frequently Asked Questions.

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What tablets does Clipboard+ iPad work with?

Clipboard+ iPad supports the iPad 2, the "New" iPad (3rd generation), and the iPad with retina display (4th generation). We plan to develop future iterations of Clipboard+ that will work with iPad mini, iPads with cases on, and other tablets.

Does Clipboard+ iPad work with 3rd party cases or the smart cover?

We designed the Clipboard+ iPad to tightly hold onto your iPad by the simplest means possible. As a result the dimensions are precisely calibrated to the size of a caseless iPad. No case or smart cover needed. However, we have plans to develop a universal model, contact us if interested.

Is Clipboard+ iPad easily sterilized?

Yes, Clipboard+ iPad's high quality materials make it very easy to clean. This iPad clipboard case can withstand a wide variety of cleaning agents, including bleach. [Particularly useful in the medical, service, or construction industries.]

Will there be an iPad Mini version?

Right now we don't have a product for the iPad mini, but we are interested in developing one as soon as possible. Contact us and we will put you on a list to let you know when an iPad mini product will be released.

Is my screen protected by Clipboard+?

When in use, your iPad's screen is recessed into the clipboard so that it will not be touched if set down on a table etc. The Clipboard+ iPad is made from a single sheet of high strength alumnium and lined with shock absorbant foam. This protects your iPad in the event of a drop and provides protection from dirt and liquids. You may use Clipboard+ with a plastic stick on screen protector to provide even more protection for your device.

Will my iPad slide out of Clipboard+?

No. Clipboard+ is designed to have a very firm and secure grip on your iPad so that you can shake it upside down and your iPad will remain in place. Don't believe us? Watch it in action.

Does Clipboard+ come in different colors?

Right now Clipboard+ is only available in the original high quality brushed finish. We are considering adding colors in the future.

What sizes of paper fit on Clipboard+?

Clipboard+ is compatible with standard letter/legal sizes, international sizes A4-A10, as well as most letter/legal writing pads.

What shoulder straps is Clipboard+ iPad compatible with?

More detailed info for this section coming soon. In the meantime, email

Can I use the iPad camera while using Clipboard+ iPad?

The rear camera is not accessible while using Clipboard+, however you may still access the front facing camera. We are working on developing a design that allows for rear camera use.


Where is Clipboard+ made?

Clipboard+ iPad, all of it's componants, and packaging are made and assembled here in the USA. We believe in bringing back manufacturing to our shores. When you hold our product you are holding a little bit of New York, California, Denver, and Central Pennsylvania in your hands.

Are there discounts available if my business would like to order a large number of clipboards?

Absolutely. Send an email to and we wil provide you with pricing to suit your budget. For larger orders, custom logo engraving is also available unpon request. Orders of 12 or more are considered bulk.

I am a retailer or wholesaler interested in carrying Clipboard+, do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, please send your inquiry to and we will be able to provide you with more information specific to your request.

Do you offer international shipping? What countries is Clipboard+ available in?

Yes. More details coming soon, in the meantime just send us an email at and we'll let you know if your country is available.

I have some great ideas for Clipboard+! How can I help?

We love great ideas and are always in search of customer feedback about Clipboard+ smartphone and Clipboard+ iPad. Please email us at we would love to hear from you.

What happened to Clipboard+ Smartphone?

From our Kickstarter campaign up until recently, we offered a smartphone compatible version of Clipboard+. We decided to stop selling Clipboard+ Smartphone while we work on a complete redesign of the product. Please sign up with your email if you would like updates on the upcoming version of Clipboard+ Smartphone.

What is your returns policy?

You can return Clipboard+ for a full refund within the first 30 days. Please see our legal page for more information.

Is there a guarantee or warranty on Clipboard+?

We offer a one year limited warranty on every purchase of Clipboard+. Please see our legal page for more information.

Do you have a press kit?

Our press kit is in the works, in the meantime get in touch with us by emailing

Did we answer your question?

If not, email us. If so, buy our clipboard!

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